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17hats University is your virtual business school.
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Step-by-step education makes it easy!

How-tos. When-tos. And need-to-knows.

Learn at your own pace, with education for every level.  

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  • Video-based – Watch and rewatch when you want. 
  • Bite-sized – Each lesson builds on the next one. 
  • Tailored-to-fit – Designed for small business owners like you. 
  • Action-oriented – Actionable steps you can take now. 

It’s the coaching – and the inspiration – you need!

17hats & Business

Dive deep into 17hats and business through one of our courses. These educational videos are separated into chapters for you to watch as time permits. Take it in all in one day, or set your own pace as you learn.

Our courses are recorded without a live audience, so there is no distraction of extra chatter. These course are clear-cut and to the point. Learn more

17hats & Business

Educational events such as Challenges and Workshops are community-focused events which offer in-depth, hands-on learning in both the 17hats platform and Business Education.

These live events are recorded for you to watch in case you missed the live event, or if you joined and would like to rewatch. These events also come with a private Facebook Group which you are welcome to join. Learn more

Webinars & Replays

Growing your business can be tough. That’s why our free business webinars are here to offer you inspirational and actionable education to help you get your business moving. Learn more

Webinars & Replays

17hats is all about helping you organize and systemize your business. Our webinars will walk you step-by-step through setting up your 17hats account, to ensure you are getting the most out of the platform. Learn more

Our short video lessons easily fit your schedule. We have something for everyone – even free courses!

Master Your Journey

See if this sounds familiar …

You acted on a dream. (Go, you!) You started your own business. But with early success came chaos. The business side of your business started stealing all your time.  

Then, an ally appears.  

That’s when people find 17hats. And it’s precisely when 17hats can help the most. Our comprehensive business platform lets you realize your dream, with ease.  

Helping small businesses through education.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we searched for a business platform that was easy, intuitive, and comprehensive. We couldn’t find one. So we created 17hats.  

That was five years ago. Since then, we’ve sought to help small business owners like you, so you can beat the statistics and see your business succeed.  

That’s what 17hats University is all about.

Amanda, Donovan and Rhesa: 17hats leadership team, and small business experts.

Your Questions Answered

In a word, yes. Both 17hats and 17hats University were created for people who have turned their passion into a small business. The lessons and approaches we offer are universally applicable, whether you're a photographer, life coach, or dog walker. The fact is, business is business.

All our courses are broken up into short video segments. You can watch the videos on your own schedule, stopping and starting when you want. (The same applies to the workbook exercises that accompany The Business Makeover.)

In both courses, the videos will provide practical, step-by-step guidance, with lessons that we've gleaned after years of helping small business owners succeed. The Business Makeover also accompanies the videos with downloadable workbooks. The exercises within those workbooks -- like building your workflows, or painting a picture of your ideal client -- will help to illuminate your way forward.

Of course. You can rewatch any of the videos, at any time. Once you enroll, you'll have access to the course videos for one year. You can even download The Business Makeover lesson videos.

It depends where you are on your journey. Just starting out with 17hats? Our free Quick Start Course highlights the platform's integrated features and systems. If you're ready to level up, The Business Makeover is for you. Its thought-provoking videos and workbook exercises will transform your business!

Yep. 17hats is the linchpin of your success. Not yet a member? Learn more and subscribe to 17hats here.

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