Whiskey and Wine: Coronavirus Panel Discussion


As Coronavirus has the world in turmoil, business owners find themselves wondering what to do in their business. We may have clients and leads asking questions we don't know the answer to. And, we are all wondering how we will push through.

If this sounds a little like you, or if you have questions about your business during this downturn, join us in our first episode of Whiskey and Wine, as we speak to some of the industry leading business experts as we figure this out together.

Your panelist include: Vanessa Joy, Andy Strong, Meredith Ryncarz, Jason Groupp, Phillip & Eileen Blume, Joey Thomas, Zoë Scharf, Amanda Rae and Donovan Janus.

No topic or question is off limits, and I am sure that not only will you walk away with the inspiration and advice you need, but hopefully you will have a fun time doing it.

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