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This robust course is designed to span several weeks. You’ll gain a thorough understanding of 17hats. But beyond that, we’ll cover:

  • Your Dream – and how to make it your reality
  • Your Ideal Client, and how it defines your business
  • Your Client Journey – and key junctures where you fit in
  • Your Marketing Funnel: How to find your best leads
  • What You’re Selling – both the tangible and the intangible
  • Your Average Sale and how to make even more per client
  • Onboarding – Delivering an experience without all the work  
  • Plus, so much more!

You can rewatch the videos at any time, and even download The Business Makeover lessons. You’ll have access to the course videos for a full year.  


Your business will never be the same!

Just $399 for a 16-lesson course.

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