The Business Makeover Full Curriculum

1. Welcome

Keys to Success

A fresh start. We'll introduce you to The Business Makeover and talk about how to determine your keys to success. 

2. Your dream, vision and reality

Chart your path. Let's make it happen.

Before you really get started with The Business Makeover, it’s important to know your goals. Take 10 minutes to dream. Use our custom worksheet to plan your vision. Discover your “Power Words” for your business and reflect on who your clients are. 

3. Ideal Client

Identifying Your Ideal Client

Have you ever been advised to “identify your Ideal Client”? If so, you may have thought it was an idle exercise, and not worth your time. But identifying your Ideal Client is vital to your business. We'll take you through an in-depth process (workbook included) to find your true target audience. When you know your Ideal Client, you can make an emotional connection with them. 

4. Client Personas

Creating A Client Persona

Now that you’ve identified your Ideal Client, it’s time to get to know them! And there’s no better way to do that than with a Persona exercise. What’s that, you ask? Well, based on everything you know, you’ll paint a picture of those Ideal Clients. Where do they shop? What do they do in their spare time? 

You really need to be able to put yourself in their shoes, to understand their thoughts, emotions and motivations. The persona you create will shape how you communicate and do business, as you focus on your ideal customers.

5. Bonus: Marketing Tips

A Gifting Guide

Consider this that 13th doughnut the baker throws in for free. The Business Makeover includes bonus extras, and here’s the first one: An entire module explaining how to get the most out of Client Gifting. How should you thank your best clients? How can you encourage your best leads? We’ll answer those questions. And explain how a systemized approach to gifting can help you achieve your goals, with minimum effort. Gifting is just another way to turn those VIPs and Favorite Clients you identified into raving fans – walking, talking billboards for your business! Your bonus pdf awaits.

6. Where are my leads?

Your Client Journey

How well do you know your Client Journey? If your first thought is, “What’s that?” – well, then, there’s our answer right there. Not to worry, because, starting today, we’ll unpack the Client Journey. As you’ll see, it’s bigger than your client experience, as important as that is. Your Client Journey starts well before your clients meet you, and extends long after the last bill is paid. Understanding your Client Journey lets you resonate with your Ideal Client, speaking authentically to the emotions they’re experiencing.

7. Marketing Funnel

Marketing Funnel: Part 1

Picture a funnel. In the same way that it starts out wide and then narrows, your Marketing Funnel will help you narrow your leads down to your Ideal Clients. We’ll tackle the first two critical factors in your Marketing Funnel: awareness and interest. For your Ideal Client to hire you, they have to be aware of you. We’ll discuss ways to foster awareness of you and what your brand represents. Then we’ll move on to Interest. Are you encouraging prospects to want to know more? Is your internet identity consistent and appealing? Are you using what you know about your Client Journey to pique interest? We’ll explore all this and more.

8. Your Lead Process

Marketing Funnel: Part 2

It’s time to consider Consideration – the next stage in your Marketing Funnel. This is when things really start to heat up. The Consideration phase begins when a lead contacts you, and extends until the prospect makes a decision about whether to hire you. Professionalism is paramount at this stage. As we’ll discuss, it’s vital that you be timely, efficient and relevant in how you communicate. We’ll work together to develop your own streamlined and automated process – one designed to convert leads into customers!

9. Creating Your Leads Process in 17hats

Building Your Leads Process

It’s all built to this. We’ll explore how to get the most out of 17hats. Using lots of helpful examples, we'll walk you through how to set up your Lead Management system. Along the way, you’ll discover the magic of Workflows. Workflows automate how you do business, giving you a consistent, repeatable approach.

10. What exactly are you selling, anyway?

What are you selling?

It seems such a simple question: What are you selling? As we’ll explore together, there’s more to that answer than meets the eye. It’s much more than “life coaching” or “photography” or even “dog walking.” That’s because your service spans both the tangible (the product) and the intangible (the benefit). In this week’s module, we’ll reflect on your “why” – the reason you went into business. That’s often key to unlocking what you’re really selling!

11. Your Average Sale

Discovering Your Average Sale

Over the next two weeks, we’ll tackle booking – both planning and tactics. First comes planning. Together, we’ll answer key questions: What’s the seasonality, if any, to your business? How much do you want to work? How much do you want to earn? These and other questions will help you determine your projected average sale, which will inform your booking strategy.

12. The Buying Process

Reaching Your Average Sale

This week, we’ll discuss how to increase your chances of reaching that average sale with most, if not all, of your clients. In fact, your potential average sale could be higher still. Especially if you can understand what your clients are feeling, and when. The right upsell opportunities, capitalizing on the right moment in your client experience, can boost your bottom line.

13. Build Your Booking Process

A New Approach To Booking

17hats offers you a systemized and consistent approach to Booking. Every job starts with a Quote, right? Well, now you can include your Quote, Contract and Invoice in the same email. And options that your clients choose in the Quote are automatically reflected in the updated Invoice. All that and more is possible! It’s all part of systemizing your booking process.

14. Your Onboarding Process

Discover Your Onboarding Process

This week, it’s on to Onboarding! And what an important topic it is. Onboarding includes answering your clients’ questions, and getting the information you need from them. It’s a vital step to providing that rave-worthy client experience we all aspire to.

15. Getting To Know Your Clients

More On Onboarding!

How well do you know your clients? Odds are, you could know them better. This week, we’ll unpack why it’s vital to know everything you can, from likes and dislikes to other vendors they’re working with. Having the full picture is key to delivering a rave-worthy experience.

16. Creating Your Onboarding Journey

Creating Your Roadmap: Learn how to set up your Workflows for Onboarding in 17hats.