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Calendar Efficiency for a More Efficient Week & Process

There are only so many hours in your week. How are you organizing your calendars for the most efficient week, as well as most efficient process?  

Join our webinar, and setup your calendar so that it helps you better organize your day and your business.  

What we'll discuss:  

  • Google Calendars 
  • How many calendars you should have? 
  • How your calendars should mirror your experience/process.

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Paperless Organization: How are you keeping track of your Documents? 

Electronic documents, like paper documents, can easily be lost in the shuffle of life.

So let's dive into document organization. We will set up document confirmations, document reminders, a Client Portal, template name system, as well as brand customization. 

This webinar will not only give your documents the facelift they need but will also help you streamline your system.


Efficient Organization And Personalized Automation Using Custom Fields In 17hats 

As business owners, we try to remember all the details until eventually we cram our brains so full that all the wheels start to fall off. We find ourselves constantly forgetting details, having to stop and think, mixing up information, and in a state of stress. All because we have important details strung out from one end of our brains to the other.

If that sounds just a little like your life, we need to make some changes. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to constantly worry that you are forgetting something, or stress over details? If you could just click a button, and all the information you need would be at your fingertips?  

Take a breather, and watch our workshop, “Efficient Organization and Personalized Automation” as we dive into Custom Fields. Right now, only 3% of members are using this very powerful feature. (Just 3% for this powerful feature is crazy!) Take advantage of our workshop because by mastering your Contact and Project Custom Fields, your O&A (organization and automation) game will be next level. That will free you up from having to remember each and every detail!


Simple Solutions For Email Marketing

At 17hats, we work to bring the best and most innovative ideas to our members. We’re so excited about our latest partnership with Square.

Learn how to utilize Square to amp up your maketing. 

  • Learn how to export and import contacts
  • Keep your contacts in sync through Zapier
  • Build a simple email in Square
  • Make sure all new leads come into 17hats 

Grow your business with 17hats + Square.


How to Automate Your Gifting Process in 17hats

Learn how to integrate Greetabl through 17hats Workflows. Never miss an opportunity to boost business by sending your clients a little piece of happiness.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn how to connect your Greetabl account to 17hats
  • Set up Greetabl Workflows
  • Set up your Greetabl Template 
  • Hear insightful answers to commonly asked questions

Gifting As A Secret Weapon

With the new partnership between 17hats and Greetabl, you can easily surprise and delight your clients.

In this webinar, you'll learn:  

  • Why gifts will help you with referrals and retention
  • How to save time with a gifting Workflow
  • How to automate while keeping things personal
  • How to do this all without ever lifting a finger through 17hats

Workshop: Creating Your Fulfillment Experience

Your clients have paid for your service and now it is time to deliver in a timely fashion. How do you stay organized? How do you make sure you are not dropping the ball? And, more importantly how do you organize your day, prioritize your tasks, and maintain your sanity? 

In this workshop, we will walk you through how to set up your fulfillment workflow, so you don't have to stress about any of the the above. We will discuss the process, as well as take a look at 17hats Workflows and Phases inside the Workflow.


Workshop: Creating Your Onboarding Experience

From the moment your client books with you, until their service date, what happens? Do you fall off the face of the earth or continue to build trust? 

Proactively communicating with your new clients will keep you one step ahead by answering all their questions before they even know to ask them. A good onboarding process keeps you in control of the experience. Through our workshop, Amanda will walk you through what an onboarding process is, and how to go about automating it in 17hats. Features Covered: Workflow, Client Portal, Email Templates, Questionnaire Templates.


Workshop: Building Your Booking Experience In 17hats

From one document, your Lead has everything they need. Learn how with Amanda in the BOOKING WORKSHOP.  

How to set up a Booking system that will save you time and convert more leads. We'll show you how your Lead will become a paying customer with one document that triggers a booking experience. Calendars, Workflows, Quote, Contract, Invoices, Payment Schedules, Products and Services ... just a few of the features we will discuss. Let's work together to setup your booking process.


Workshop: Building Your Leads Experience In 17hats

New Workshop: Join our free workshop and build your process side by side with Amanda Rae.  

You have leads ... now what? How do you respond? What do you say? Clear your calendar and a few hours, as it is time, once and for all to build your system. You will learn how to create and install Lead Capture Forms and automate your process through the use of a Workflow. Every lead responded to, even when you are not at your desk to do so yourself. 


The Whats, Whys and Hows of Workflows

Turn Your Business Into A Machine.  

The business side of business can get overwhelming and chaotic; but with the right Workflow your business can evolve from the monster the consumes your every moment to an automated machine that does the work for you. When you set up your workflows correctly you maintain personalization with each communication, become proactive in your communications to your leads and clients, and most importantly, free up time to enjoy the important things in life. 


Unlock The Power Of Quotes

The Quote is the underdog of Documents, but only because small business owners are not unlocking the psychology behind it. Learn how Quotes can level up your business, make you more money as well as streamline your process, and amplifying your client experience. 


Optimizing Online Scheduling for Mini Sessions

Learn how 17hats can simplify and organize your photography mini session booking flow to save you the sanity of back and forth emails and wasted time. Together we will walk through our newest feature, and learn exactly how to set it up for success. Watch now for the time saving, sanity renewing, educational and actionable webinar.  

This webinar will save you hours and provide your clients with stellar client experience they deserve.  

What's New with 17hats

So much has happened and changed with 17hats, have you kept up? From the Dashboard's new look and functionality to the addition of Custom Fields, Read Receipts, Online Scheduling, Brand Preferences, Client Portal and even education resources to help you set it all up, we have been busy evolving the way that 17hats allows you to organize and level up your business.  

Take a peek inside the 17hats platform and see what's new.

Our Newest Feature! Getting Started with 17hats Online Scheduling

How Online Scheduling Fits Your Process and Your Flow

Process. Flow. Streamline both. Let's talk about your process before jumping in and setting up Online Scheduling. 

Preparing Your Calendars for Online Scheduling

17hats Online Scheduling was designed so that you do not double-book or book over important family time. Learn how to set up your calendars for success. 

Online Scheduling Overview 

Check out our 17hats Online Scheduling Overview to familiarize yourself with the feature. Not sure what Online Scheduling is, or how it works? Start here. 

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