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Level Up Your Brand, Maximize Value, Skyrocket Revenue

Do you ever feel that your business is being drowned out by all the competition in your area? Are you having a tough time conveying to clients what you are worth? Do you find it difficult to attract the RIGHT clientele to your door?  

In a crowded market it is essential that you differentiate yourself in certain key areas to level up your success. From building trust, creating an immense sense of perceived value, to bringing clients to your door that are excited to spend money with you, crafting a strong brand is key to maximizing sales and overall growth.  

In our next webinar, I will walk you through 5 key steps to developing a powerful brand strategy that will absolutely change your business and how potential clients perceive your worth. I’ll see you there!

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Past Business Education Webinars


Whiskey and Wine - Coronavirus Panel Discussion

As Coronavirus has the world in turmoil, business owners find themselves wondering what to do in their business. We may have clients and leads asking questions we don't know the answer to. And, we are all wondering how we will push through.

If this sounds a little like you, or if you have questions about your business during this downturn, join us in our first episode of Whiskey and Wine, as we speak to some of the industry leading business experts as we figure this out together.

Your panelist include: Vanessa Joy, Andy Strong, Meredith Ryncarz, Jason Groupp, Phillip & Eileen Blume, Joey Thomas, Zoë Scharf, Amanda Rae and Donovan Janus.

No topic or question is off limits, and I am sure that not only will you walk away with the inspiration and advice you need, but hopefully you will have a fun time doing it.

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Becoming Wildly Successful: 7 mindset hacks to transform yourself and your business

Are you tired of watching other people’s successes and simply hoping to “one day” do the same for yourself? Do you ever get discouraged thinking you’ve tried everything under the sun to grow your business only to be met with another failure or challenge?  

Join me as we explore and understand 7 mindset hacks and behaviors that highly successful people use to set themselves up for the win while turning their failures into wild successes. You will not only learn these great concepts but will also leave with an action plan to implement them today!  

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Virtual Roundtable: 2020 – Make it your best year yet! 

We ended 2019 with a webinar like NEVER BEFORE! Check out our first ever virtual roundtable.

2020 is quickly approaching, and it is time to start planning. What are you struggling with? What questions do you have as you prepare for the new year?  

Every business owner has questions, and now is the time to ask. Let us help you get answers in our first ever virtual round table.  

Turn your video on, as well as your mic. Submit your questions upon entry into the webinar and we will have a great discussion in this special 2-hour workshop.


Writing The Perfect Email

Do you ever freeze when having to write an email to a client? Or hesitate to respond to a lead, afraid that it’s just not good enough? You are not alone!!

In this webinar we will discuss how to write great emails for lead responses, for general client communications, and even how to write about challenging situations.


From $2K to $20K Clients and How I Did It!

3 Simple Tips On How To Prepare For Growth

With another decade coming to a close, are you confident about your ability to make 2020 the most successful year in your business? In this webinar, I will share with you my story of how I scaled my brand, grew my revenue by 10x, and established myself as a premium brand. I will also share 3 simple tips to strategically prepare for growth in the coming year!


Top 5 Marketing Mistakes with Joey Thomas and Jonathan Tilley

1. Stop pulling your hair out with 5 marketing strategies everyone tells you to do but it still brings in zero ROI 2. Regroup and position yourself as the go-to freelancer in your local market 3. Leverage this one ridiculously simple marketing strategy that books the big gigs with the big wigs

Jonathan Tilley is a personal brand strategist who helps creative people shine online and share their talent with the world. He develops and delivers online courses that teach creatives about branding and marketing in an entertaining way - perfect for how the creative mind works.


Effective Goal Setting: Making Your Vision A Reality

Do you ever have dreams that you’d like to achieve, but just don’t know how to get there? Do you often feel like you sleepwalk through most of the year, and wonder what ever happened to the time?

Goal Setting is a critical component of any successful small business. The better you understand the importance and techniques involved in goal setting, the more likely you’ll meet and exceed what you’ve set out to achieve. Join me as we discuss why goal setting plays a fundamental role in developing skills, in motivation, and achieving success.


Effective Pricing Strategy- Part 2

Struggling to figure out the best pricing strategy? Time to CRUNCH some numbers!  

In this second pricing webinar, we will answer questions regarding long-term goals, your cost of goods, and cost of doing business all relative to pricing. Join us as we break down the numbers, and help demystify the art of Pricing!


The Psychology of Pricing: Is it wise to compete on price?

One of the most difficult aspects of running a small business is figuring out how to properly price yourself.  

 Do you base it on your competition? Does it affect the way people value your work? Join us to discuss the psychology of pricing and how you can strategize for success!


Monetizing Your Passion! Interview with 17hats CEO - Donovan Janus

Have you ever wondered what it really takes to craft a successful, scalable business born from a passion to serve?  

In this interview with 17hats CEO Donovan Janus, we will discuss and break down how he took a desire, and built an amazing software platform, from the ground up! From the right mindset to success breeding habits, this will be full of great insights!


Converting Leads Into Paying Clients

5 Steps to Transform an Inquiry into a Paying Client  

It’s great to acquire interest from a lead but it’s absolutely necessary to convert those leads and secure their business.  

In this webinar, we will go over 5 tactics to convert more qualified leads into paying clients. You don’t want to miss this as it means more money in your pocket!  


Unlock The True Potential Of Blogging With Andrea Surak 

Is blogging dead? Does the thought of blogging make your skin crawl? Join Joey Thomas as he interviews Andrea Surak about the art of blogging and how you can use it as a strategic tool for business success. She will share 5 key ideas that will set you on your own blogging path!


Supercharge Your SEO: Interview with Joey T & SEO Guru, Myrna Daramy

What is Search Engine Optimization? Is it magic? We will discuss the top 5 mistakes that small business owners make in optimizing their websites for search engines and how to fix them.


The Power of Persuasion: Why People say YES!

We'll dive into the difference between manipulation and persuasion, and why it matters. How influence plays a major role in TRUST and ultimately sales!  

We'll also expolore 3 Powerful Modes of Persuasion, and how we can artfully include them in our dialogue with our clients.


What do clients really NEED? The psychology of WHY people BUY.

Consumers give products and services value by their perceptions and expectations. How we deliver on those expectations define what our "brand" really is.  

In this webinar, we will explore the psychology behind WHY people spend money, and how we can authentically provide a service that speaks to those needs. 


The Secret to Marketing 

Take it from co-owner of Serendipity Albums and event and portrait photographer Joey Thomas: “Your brand is who you are. Marketing is how you tell others about who you are.”  

In his free webinar, Joey will explain how to build your brand by creating a rave-worthy client experience. 

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What Are You Really Selling?

Small business owners start with a passion and find themselves in business sometimes without ever even realizing it. Before they know it, they are building websites, printing business cards and creating social media pages. 

For the most part, these would-be business people still think that they’re selling the tangible product that they create from that passion.

But are they? I'm here to say, probably not. They are actually selling so much more than they ever thought.  

Photographers are not necessarily selling prints or digital images. And, dog walkers are not really selling exercise and puppy love.  

So, if they're not selling that, then what are they selling?  

The answer to that question is the foundation for your website, tag lines, elevator pitch, email content and even questionnaires.  

Not only will we dig deep to answer this question, but we will talk about what makes you unique and how that will help your business.

 Your Experience, Your System


As a business owner, you step into a different playing field when you show up to your business each day and work with intent. Focused work means sitting down and making it happen.

When you do that day after day, it seems that something magical starts to happen ... Everything starts to fall into place. Your business starts moving and growing, as you gain control and confidence.

Have you experienced this? This intentional success? Success you made happen. Or do you want to experience it?  

Just to sit down and envision that magic, just for a moment...that is inspiring.  

When you think about it, you might ask yourself, "But where do I start?"  

We have the answer! Your client experience. Your client experience is essential to your business and sets the foundation for the creation of your systems.  

So let's talk about it. How do your client experience and your systems work together? And, how do you work with intent to get it done?