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This free 17hats overview course will highlight the platform’s key features and systems. 

We’ll cover the big picture, as well as any immediate needs you may have, like sending that hot quote or invoice.  

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What you'll learn.

The Quick Start Course hits the highlights, including:

  • Dashboard: A quick glimpse at what needs to accomplished that day.
  • Contacts & Leads: All your key client info and more – at your fingertips.
  • Projects: One location to view all related communications, work and documents.
  • Calendar: Stay organized, with all your appointments in a single place.
  • To-Do: See all your upcoming tasks, across every Project, at a glance.
  • Documents: Learn how to create and send Quotes, Contracts and Invoices.
  • Workflows: Automate all those recurring tasks, for a consistent experience.
  • Online Payments: This makes life easier for your clients, and you get paid faster. 

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This free course is perfect for new members. But it’s a great refresher for existing members, too! 

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